Face to Face campaigns

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Face to Face campaigns

Breakthroughs in heart disease and stroke are within our reach. As you read this some of the best medical minds in the world are working tirelessly to save the precious moments we cherish from being taken away too soon.

When you support Heart & Stroke through a donation through a canvasser, you are making an investment to saving the lives of those you love. Heart disease and stroke is the number one killer globally. Your gifts provide a steady stream of funding for complex and time-consuming research. Without consistent support from people like you, funding can dry up, and staff may move on to other projects. This leaves the research on hold, and can even set back any progress made.

You can keep research on course towards a major breakthrough.



Volunteer Canvass Campaign

For almost 60 years, every February [Heart Month], dedicated volunteers connect with their neighbours and networks sharing important health information and  collecting donations to fund research.

Two heart and stroke canvassers

Monthly Giving Ambassador Campaign

The Breakthrough Fund campaign is providing Canadians with the option to support lifesaving, breakthrough research with a monthly gift to the Breakthrough Fund.

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Fund the next research breakthrough

Questions or concerns? 

To learn more about all of our campaigns  please visit our FAQs or contact us directly with your questions at 1-877-882-2582 or donorinfo@heartandstroke.ca