Heart mentors

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What is a heart mentor? 

A heart mentor can be any woman: a mother, a sister, a grandmother, a current or a soon-to-be friend.

A heart mentor is passionate about encouraging women in her community to make their heart health a priority.

A heart mentor is a host who holds a Gathering of the Hearts for the women in her life. She may host close friends and relatives, women that she knows from her work, her church, her volunteer commitments, or a club that she’s involved in or welcome friends-of-friends to share in the fun.

A heart mentor is the most valuable piece of My Heart in My Hands. Without her, this campaign will not reach women throughout our province, a worrying fact as heart disease and stroke is a leading cause of death amongst women in Newfoundland and Labrador.

A heart mentor is a champion and a leader. She uses her voice to empower the women that she knows to learn about their risk factors for heart disease and stroke and to take small steps to live healthier lives.

A heart mentor is not an expert on heart disease nor is she necessarily someone who has experienced it herself. She has free, unlimited access to the complete and easy-to-use Heart Mentor Toolkit, which has everything that she needs to host a Gathering of the Hearts (or two!).

Heart mentor toolkit

Heart mentors form the core of this campaign. 
They are local women who host “Gatherings of the Hearts” and share our message with other women in their communities. Heart mentors do not need to have special training or have a personal experience with cardiovascular disease; instead, they simply use their voices and the Heart mentor toolkits provided below to empower the women that they know to learn about their risk factors and take small steps to live healthier lives. 


Fill in the details for your Gathering of the Hearts on the Evite Form, save it, and email a copy to all of your guests.

Video presentations

Women and cardiovascular disease 
This presentation discusses the relevance of cardiovascular disease to women in Newfoundland and Labrador and identifies the factors that put them at risk for developing heart disease and stroke. 



Healthy eating
This presentation discusses tips and tools that women can use to make heart-healthy choices when it comes to the food that they eat. It highlights the importance of Canada's Food Guide, explores the nutrients listed on nutrition facts tables, and explains how to successfully read food labels. 



Physical activity 
This presentation discusses the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines and gives suggestions to help women incorporate more physical activity into their daily lives.



Stress management
Uncontrollable stress is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. This presentation explains what stress is and presents helpful tips and tools for women to help them cope with the stress in their lives.


Printable forms

Here are all of the steps you need to plan your own  Gathering of the Hearts events. 

The following handouts can be printed off and given to your guests. 
Signs of heart attack and stroke (PDF)
Fact sheet handout (PDF)
Matters of the heart handout (PDF) 
Questions to ask your doctor (PDF) 


Engage your guests with these fun activities. Each activity is based on one of the four video presentations and includes instructions. Play an activity after each corresponding video.
Cardiovascular disease risk factor activity: Fact or fiction?
Healthy eating activity: Label reading team trivia
Healthy eating activity: Label reading practice
Physical activity trivia: True or false?
Stress management activity: Progressive relaxation 

Financial support for this campaign has been provided by the Provincial Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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