About My Heart in My Hands

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Why we developed it

The My Heart in My Hands campaign was developed in response to the fact that heart disease and stroke (cardiovascular disease) are leading causes of death for women in Newfoundland and Labrador. However, many women do not recognize heart disease and stroke as major threats to their health. The good news is that women can reduce their risk of heart disease and stroke by up to 80% by making simple lifestyle changes.

The goal

My Heart in My Hands empowers  women of Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) to take their own heart health into their own hands. By understanding the risks and making simple lifestyle changes, they can make their heart health a priority.

Accomplishing the goal

We believe in the power of women learning through shared experiences, struggles, and successes. Women are strong sources of support and motivation for one another as they make small changes to live healthier lives. Therefore, we have compiled a number of tools that women need to get together and learn about reducing their risks of heart disease and stroke. We call such get-togethers “Gatherings of the Hearts.”

The Heart of the program

Heart mentors form the core of this campaign. They are local women who host “Gatherings of the Hearts” and share our message with other women in their communities. Heart mentors do not need to have special training or have a personal experience with cardiovascular disease; instead, they simply use their voices and the provided Heart mentor toolkits to empower the women that they know to learn about their risk factors and take small steps to live healthier lives. Learn more about becoming a Heart Mentor.

Gathering of the Hearts

A Gathering of the Hearts is a fun, educational, and empowering mini-event. During a Gathering of the Hearts, women join together with their female friends, relatives, coworkers, or community members to view the My Heart in My Hands video presentations, participate in educational activities about risk factor reduction, and share their experiences with making heart healthy lifestyle changes.

All women can benefit

Although heart disease and stroke risk is higher among women who are 40 and older, lifestyle choices made early in life can dramatically increase risk in later years. Therefore, My Heart in My Hands has the potential to benefit the cardiovascular health of women throughout our province regardless of age. Taking small steps, such as those described in the resources section and the Heart mentor toolkit , can help to lay the foundation for heart healthy futures for the women of our province.
Launched in May 2015, the My Heart in My Hands campaign was created by women of our province for the women of our province. The current My Heart in My Hands development team sincerely thanks those who paved the way for this campaign through their dedication and support of its earlier versions.

Financial support for this campaign has been provided by the Provincial Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.



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