Survivors sharing their stories & advice

What is it like to live with heart disease and stroke?

If you’ve had a stroke or a heart attack or been diagnosed with heart disease or atrial fibrillation, you are not alone.

What challenges might you face? How do you cope with your new reality? Survivors share their personal stories and advice of others who have been there.

Finding help:

Lady speaking from experience

How do you deal with a stroke, heart attack or a diagnosis of heart disease?

Survivors provide their thoughts on how to get the help you need, and how to ask the questions you may forget— or be afraid — to ask.


Coping at home:

Lady speaking from experience

At the hospital, you are surrounded by knowledgeable healthcare workers, but what about when you get home?

You may face unanswered questions and struggle to find reliable resources. Patients share how they dealt with these new and unexpected challenges.


Living for today:

Man speaking from experience

After the diagnosis, you expect challenges to your physical health.

But what about your emotional health? Dealing with depression, anger, and other unexpected emotions can be challenging, but you are not alone.


A new lifestyle:

Man speaking from experience

So many things change after you are diagnosed.

Survivors share how they’ve learned to cope with the many challenges in adjusting to new diet, physical activity and medication needs.


Lessons learned:

Lady speaking from experience

Nobody wants to experience heart attack or stroke.

But going through it can leave you with unexpected wisdom. Survivors share what they’ve learned and how they turned their experience into something positive.


Healing and recovery:

Lady speaking from experience

Will you ever get back to a normal life?

Many can, but for others, pain and physical and emotional challenges can change daily. Survivors share how they are finding their way to a healthy, full life again.


Atrial fibrillation series:

Lady speaking from experience

It can be a shock to learn you have atrial fibrillation.

Knowing that it can increase your risk of stroke can be frightening. Learn about the challenges of atrial fibrillation and how patients are coping with their diagnosis, treatments and medications.