Quick heart-healthy lunch ideas

5 go-to lunch recipes for when you’re in a rush
thai beef rolls

Whether you're eating at home or taking lunch to go, these easy recipes come together fast and keep you fueled for a busy day.

Greek-style chicken sandwiches

The fresh taste of lemon elevates this chicken sandwich to a whole new level. 

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Avocado tomato feta salad

Have this salad on its own or add some canned tuna or salmon, grilled chicken or steak for a heartier meal.

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Pork stir-fry with black bean sauce

Flavoured with garlic, ginger and black bean sauce, this Chinese dish is good with rice noodles, whole wheat noodles or steamed brown rice.

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Turkey and bean rice wraps

Easily a new family favourite to enjoy for lunches or dinner. Pack the turkey and bean mixture separately and wrap your lunch on site with the lettuce.

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Thai beef salad rolls

These rolls pull together quickly and are filled with fresh and delicious vegetables, making for a balanced meal. 

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