Flavours of India

5 delicious South Asian recipes to spice up your life
Recipe and photo provided by Canola Eat Well
Curried lemon ginger chicken in a large skillet with grated ginger and cut lemon on the side.

These recipes' aromatic spices will take you on a culinary journey you won’t forget. Indian cuisine is nutritious and more accessible than you think! Try some new flavours with these five dietitian-approved dishes, courtesy of our recipe partner Canola Eat Well. 

Spiced beef with spinach and potatoes

This crowd-pleasing curry recipe is spiced just right. Beef, spinach, cumin, coriander, garlic, and ginger are simmered together to create this flavourful dish.   

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Recipe video: Curried lemon ginger chicken

This spiced up chicken has a beautiful golden hue from the turmeric with the perfect balance of ginger and lemon. 

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Garlic tomato chickpeas

Garlic and tomato lovers, this dish is for you! Rich tomato puree coats the chickpeas as they simmer away with a zip of lemon juice and a kick of cayenne.  

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Recipe video: Blistered green beans with ginger

This dish combines pan-fried green beans with thin matchsticks of ginger. This is a refreshing side dish to serve along other Indian inspired meals. 

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Pan-fried dates with cardamom yogurt

A simple ending to a wonderful meal. The crunch and colour of the pistachios make it extra special. 

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