Why give?

Ontario Volunteer Advocate

Help to change laws and policies to improve Ontarians' health.

Overview of the role:

Volunteer Advocates play a critical role in Heart & Stroke’s long history of advocacy success. They often use their personal stories to raise awareness and bring positive change to health policies and laws. A volunteer advocate may be someone affected by or have a connection to someone affected by heart disease or stroke. But this role could be right for anyone who is passionate about advocacy and interested in making your voice heard.

Some of the activities associated with this role include:

• Sending a letter or tweet to your MPP or other representative
• Phoning your MPP’s office
• Sending a letter to the editor
• Participating in meetings with elected officials
• Conducting media interviews
• Allowing us to share your story in other ways, such as on our website

Urgent Priorities:

Heart & Stroke advocates for the conditions necessary for people in Canada to live healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke. Our ongoing efforts include influencing decision-makers - including governments - about healthy public policy.

Some of the top advocacy priorities of Heart & Stroke in Ontario include tobacco/vaping policies, women’s health and public access to defibrillation. If there are other issues that concern you, we would like to hear from you as well.

Location and Commitment:

Varies depending on the activity. Meetings with elected officials generally take half an hour at Queen’s Park or constituency offices, plus briefing calls and travel time. Other actions, such has sending a template letter to your MPP, take only a few minutes. 

Approved expenses and mileage will be reimbursed. 

Qualities you’ll need for this role:

Passionate about creating a healthier community through advocacy.
Comfortable with using your personal story to make a difference in health policies
Comfortable with using social media, or willing to learn
Willing to learn about basic knowledge of Heart & Stroke and health policy 
Experience with storytelling and strong communication skills are assets

What you’ll get from the experience:
Develop and enhance your professional skills 
Expand your network and interact with other passionate Heart & Stroke volunteers and employees.
Exposure to advocacy in action and opportunities to raise your voice.

Orientation and training: 
Information on Heart and Stroke mission and vision
Advocacy training including Heart & Stroke’s position statements and specific meeting briefing, if necessary
Ongoing support provided 

To apply, please send an email to telling us about yourself and why you’re interested.

Volunteers are the heart of the Foundation.

Every volunteer is a valued and essential partner in achieving Heart & Stroke’s vision of healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke. Our community offers a welcoming and fulfilling environment for volunteers to contribute their time and talents. We welcome diversity in all of its manifestations. It is important for us to reflect the communities we serve. Diversity strengthens our performance and improves our ability to deliver more impact.