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Provincial Office – Infoline Volunteer


Infoline volunteers take healthy living to a new level and make it understandable and actionable for Canadians. They work towards Heart and Stroke’s priorities:
Promote Health - Save Lives - Enhance Recovery

Infoline volunteers provide relevant, understandable information on health, risk factors for heart disease and stroke and prevention strategies to individuals, family members, caregivers, survivors, and healthcare professionals. Infoliners also connect individuals to community supports and services including Heart & Stroke programs and provide this support over the phone, email, and other virtual means. 


BC & Yukon Provincial Office
200- 885 Dunsmuir Street
Vancouver, BC
V6C 1N5

  • One 3-hour shift per week, during office hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).
  • A minimum 2 year commitment is requested
Principal responsibilities:
  • Make health matter by engaging people in meaningful conversations
  • Answer questions on health, heart disease, and stroke
  • Problem-solve creative solutions to unique health-based questions
  • Connect people to important community supports and services
  • Provide thoughtful input to make the program better
  • Act collaboratively with other team members
Qualities you’ll need for this role:
  • You enjoy connecting and communicating with people from all walks of life
  • You want to help people find health information
  • You want to help people seek new, creative ways to lead a healthier life
  • You are passionate about promoting health and preventing disease
  • You love to be creative and innovative in large and small ways
Training and orientation: 
  • Orientation to Heart and Stroke including background information on the Foundation and core training related to heart disease and stroke.
  • One on one mentoring with the Research and Health Promotion Coordinator

Supervisory Relationships/liaison: You are supervised by and liaise with the Research and Health Promotion Coordinator. 

Authority/Decision Making: Must be comfortable making decisions and problem solving with minimal supervision. 

Volunteer benefits:
  • Opportunity to gain valuable skills in communication, problem solving, research, writing and triage
  • Exposure to a non-profit environment and a dynamic, flexible position 
  • Opportunity to use and improve on a wide variety of skills
  • Tangible and rewarding impact on communities
  • Promoting health will make you happy!
Volunteer today to make a difference!

To become an Infoline volunteer, please email Jennifer, with the subject “Making Health Matter - Infoline”.

In the body of the email, provide contact information and let us know: 

  1. Why you are interested in becoming an Infoline volunteer
  2. Your experience connecting with people of all ages and walks of life 
  3.  What is most important to you when you volunteer
  4. When the best time to connect with you is
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