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Health Promoter Volunteer, Activate (Vancouver and surrounding areas)

Provide hands-on support to an innovative healthy aging program


The Heart and Stroke Foundation, a volunteer-based health charity, leads in eliminating heart disease and stroke and reducing their impact through the advancement of research and its application, the promotion of healthy living, and advocacy.

Heart & Stroke launched its innovative project Activate in March 2018. We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join our Activate team in Vancouver and surrounding areas!

This role offers volunteers practical experience in community health promotion to help Canadians manage their blood pressure and improve their overall wellness.

Volunteers will be responsible for program enrollment at public community spaces. As part of the enrollment process, volunteers will take participants’ blood pressure reading, help participants understand their current risk of cardiovascular disease, and explain how Heart & Stroke’s program will support them to make small, yet significant, lifestyle changes.
To learn more about Activate please visit:

Some activities associated with this role include:
Complete mandatory program training in late October 2019 or early November 2019. Training hours will be included in service hour verification (where requested)
Greet members of the public and encourage them to learn about the Activate program
Explain the goals of Activate, as well as provide background about the program
Take potential participant’s blood pressure reading (using an automated machine) to see if they qualify
Communicate whether potential participants are within the normal, pre-hypertensive, or hypertensive range
Enroll pre-hypertensive participants into the program’s digital health platform using a mobile tablet device (provided by Heart & Stroke)
Facilitate completion of a cardiovascular health risk assessment questionnaire
Briefly discuss how the program can support participants’ health goals based on their cardiovascular risk profile and provide next steps


Various locations across Vancouver and Victoria Islands, including:
YMCA Tong Louie Family, YMCA Chilliwack, YMCA-YWCA Victoria Downtown, YMCA-YWCA Royal Eagle Creek, YMCA Langara Family, YMCA Robert Lee


1 day minimum with opportunity to volunteer between November and December 2019.

Qualities you’ll need for this role:
  • Passionate about healthy living; understands the basics of cardiovascular disease 
  • Experience with community health promotion programs, community health nursing, social work, personal support worker, and other similar programs is a strong asset
  • Friendly, approachable, and enjoys interacting with people
  • Strong English communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Comfortable and proficient using computers/ mobile tablet devices
  • Committed to the program’s success and diligent about “going the extra mile” as required to achieve success
What you’ll get from the experience:
  • Exposure to an innovative health program and its impact in the community Opportunities to educate the public about high blood pressure risks and preventive measures 
  • Training in areas such as communication and client care 
  • Hands-on experience in measuring blood pressure 
  • Increased knowledge around cardiovascular disease and healthy living 
  • Opportunities to educate and support seniors in their journeys to make changes towards healthy living 
  • Opportunities to interact with a dynamic team of Heart & Stroke volunteers and employees 
  • Heart & Stroke certificate
  • Verification of service hours (by request) 

    To apply, please send an email to telling us about yourself and why you’re interested.
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