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Heart and Stroke Lottery –Winter 2018

Play the Heart and Stroke lottery

Heart & Stroke Lottery | Lottery Licence: 8181 | 50/50 Draw Licence: 8184 | Cash Calendar Lottery Licence: 8182

The Winter 2018 Heart & Stroke Lottery has 3 ways to play and millions to win!

 1 in 2 odds of winning! A total of 7 grand prizes available to be won, including two grand prizes of $1 million!

Heart and Stroke Winter 2018 50/50

Minimum jackpot of $1,000,000! Winner takes half.

Heart and Stroke Cash Calendar

Thousands of dollars in prizes available to be won in March.

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Did you win?

A searchable winners list will be available at on March 14, 2018 and Cash Calendar winners will also be announced on Facebook and Twitter.