Why give?

Why I volunteer

It’s National Volunteer Week, time to celebrate more than 125,000 Canadians who are joining the fight against heart disease and stroke
Jyoti Paranjape

Our volunteers are at the heart of research that saves lives. Their generous gift of time helps fund breakthroughs that provide hope to millions. They’re the reason why we’re making progress in the fight against heart disease and stroke. So what inspires more than 125,000 Canadians to give so generously? 
We asked volunteers across the country why Heart &Stroke is a cause that’s close to their heart. Here’s what they had to say: 

Jyoti Paranjape, Ontario

"Nine years ago my father had a heart attack. When I told him I was volunteering with Heart & Stroke, he was so proud. He told me it was a good thing and that I'd be helping people. On my first day volunteering, my father had another heart attack. It's been three months since he passed away. He's given me the strength and motivation to keep going and give back. You don't expect anything when you volunteer and that's truly satisfying. It’s also something you can do at any age. If you have the desire to help others, you can do it. It's rewarding to see that even a small contribution from you can create a big difference in someone's life."

David Ellis, Prince Edward Island 

"Two years ago I joined Heart & Stroke through the Stars for Life Foundation, a program that supports adults with autism. If it weren't for volunteers, Stars for Life wouldn't exist. Now it's my turn to help others. It's important to give back to the community and I want to give back to Heart & Stroke to raise awareness about heart disease and stroke and to help others improve their health. It is also an opportunity to learn about my own health and work on ways to improve myself."