Inspired to invest in the future

A passionate volunteer and heart disease survivor plans a donation to fund more breakthroughs
Caroline Lavallée standing on a colorful path

Survivor Caroline Lavallée knows the importance of heart research first-hand.

Caroline Lavallée had never been frightened about the future. Then she was diagnosed with a heart condition called supraventricular tachycardia. She was 30.

Caroline had woken that morning with a racing heartbeat, feeling short of breath. 

She went to the hospital, where doctors administered drugs to slow her heartbeat. Then she learned of her diagnosis — a type of rhythm disorder that causes the heart to beat dangerously fast, and increases the risk of stroke. 

Anxious questions swirled in Caroline’s mind. What would this heart condition mean? How would it affect her quality of life, her future? Would she be able to do the activities she loved, including dancing (salsa and tango), cycling and running?

Eighteen years later, Caroline feels better and is fitter than ever.

To control her heart condition, doctors performed a minimally invasive procedure called catheter ablation. And Caroline threw herself into an even healthier lifestyle. She started eating better, began meditation and yoga, and increased her level of physical activity.


<p>Caroline is now a triathlete.&nbsp;</p>

Caroline is now a triathlete. 

As well as maintaining her busy career as a communications strategist, Caroline is a triathlete. She completed several races, raising funds for Heart & Stroke along the way. 

She is a passionate volunteer with Heart & Stroke, currently co-chairing a committee on advancing women’s heart health research, and often speaking to raise awareness. 

“I’m a strong believer in research, as I have benefitted from it,” says Caroline. “It’s research that makes breakthroughs possible.” 

Now she has ensured that her commitment to heart disease research will continue, by making a legacy gift to Heart & Stroke in her Will. 

A Heart & Stroke legacy advisor assisted Caroline in determining the best gift to fit with her values and wishes. “She understood what I wanted to accomplish and answered all my questions.” 

Her planned gift has made Caroline even more confident about the future. “It’s comforting to know I can continue to make a difference.”


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