Coming together in a time of crisis

A message from Heart & Stroke CEO Doug Roth
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Your support is why Heart & Stroke leads the fight against heart disease and stroke. We can’t do it without you. We never could. But with the COVID-19 crisis, we need you more than ever because our fight is more urgent than ever.

Devastatingly, emerging data confirms that the people we protect are at greater risk for developing serious medical complications if infected with COVID-19.

This crisis has changed all of our lives and has challenged our views on what we once took for granted as a community. Direct donations, a significant source of our funding, are at risk. The cancellation of our popular spring and summer fundraising events alone means a $25 million revenue shortfall this year.

It’s an alarming amount to lose and one that puts a strain on the vital work we do – the work donors like you so generously support.

Doug Roth, new CEO of Heart & Stroke

The people we protect are at greater risk for developing serious complications.

Doug Roth Heart & Stroke CEO

Meanwhile, Canadians are turning to Heart & Stroke for timely, credible information from our medical experts. This is helping them stay safe and healthy (both physically and mentally) while managing their conditions and dealing with reduced access to health and rehabilitation services.

Your support allows us to answer these immediate and ongoing needs, while continuing to fund the research that saves lives in every community in Canada.

Any amount you can give will make a difference. If you can donate, please do it now.

COVID-19 makes our fight more urgent than ever

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