Real Stories

Program update

Please note that Activate is no longer accepting participants. Since 2018 we helped over 4,500 pre-hypertensive participants manage their blood pressure. We are undergoing a formal program evaluation and are exploring further opportunities for Activate and look forward to sharing these results in 2021!


John, 57

Doug Purdy

Doug Purdy

  • Health goal: To stop making excuses and start excising regularly and eating healthier.

  • What he accomplished: Over the past six months Doug has been walking every day and going to the gym regularly. He attributes his increased activity to working out with others. His favourite workout buddies include a friend he met through the Activate program and his Wheaton terrier, Chloe.

  • “Having a friend really helps a lot with motivation — especially having one at home and one at the YMCA.”

Edith Delgaty

Edith Delgaty, 70

  • Health goal: To monitor her nutrition, exercise and blood pressure so she can continue living well without medications.

  • What she accomplished: Edith used to be interested primarily in the nutritional aspects of food, but since meeting with the Activate dietitian she has started adding spices and fresh herbs to elevate the taste and flavour of her food. She now looks forward to cooking and eating yummy heart-healthy meals. 

  • “Embrace whatever is offered and take the best from it to help your situation.”

Babatunji Farinloye

Babatunji Farinloye, 50

  • Health goal: Tracking and improving his physical activity, diet and nutrition, sleep, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure.

  • What he accomplished: Babatunji found that tracking boosted his motivation and has turned his initial goals into habits. He now regularly goes to the gym, carefully reads food labels before buying, and knows which aisles to avoid at the grocery store!

  • “It’s easy to fall off if you set your goals too high. Life challenges will always continue. For someone just starting out, start small and challenge yourself as you get better.”

Teresa Galati, 56

  • Health goal: Committing to long term healthy habits, especially eating better (and hopefully losing some weight).

  • What she accomplished: Teresa leads a busy life and has discovered that meditation helps with managing her stress. She now meditates every day and has even posted a reminder on her fridge and will close her office door and meditate at work!

  • “My blood pressure went down. It may not seem like things are going well but then you see the differences.”