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This is a fake agency.

Let kids be kids, not consumers.

Marketing is a sophisticated business. Every year, millions of dollars are spent trying to get our kids’ attention. But targeting kids with food and beverage ads is having a devastating effect on their health, and it’s time for this to stop.

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The Stop Marketing to Kids Coalition

This coalition is made up of 12 non-governmental organizations, including Heart & Stroke, that share the common goal of restricting all commercial marketing of food and beverages to children and youth 16 and under.

What’s being done about it?

Federal legislation to restrict marketing of food and beverages to children is currently before Parliament.

The kids are not alright

Canada’s children and youth are bombarded with ads for unhealthy foods and beverages all day, every day. This is threatening their health and their future. Read the Heart & Stroke Report on the Health of Canadians to learn how we got here, and how this can be stopped.