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Publications by chapters/factsheets

Living well with heart disease (124pg) 

A comprehensive book for people with coronary artery disease. Answers most questions patients and their caregivers ask, and gives you tools to help your recovery. Download each chapter here.

Understanding your heart and the causes of heart disease

Knowing your medications

Eating for a healthy heart

Taking control of your physical recovery

Managing your emotional reactions to coronary artery disease

Learning to live with your coronary artery disease

Living with heart failure (84 pages) 

A set of factsheets on the most important things you need to know about managing heart failure. Download each fact sheet here.

Heart failure overview

Understanding heart failure – The basics

Managing heart failure

Heart failure zones

Self-monitoring sheet

Daily weight information

Limiting sodium (salt) when you have heart failure

Limiting fluid when you have heart failure

Foods high in potassium


Why people with heart failure should “keep active”

Why people with heart failure should “exercise”


ACE inhibitors

Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs)

Beta blockers

Mineralocorticoid receptor antagonist (MRA)


The combination of hydralazine and a nitrate

Warfarin (Coumadin)

Digoxin (Lanoxin or Toloxin)

Angiotensin receptor – Neprilysin inhibitor (ARNI)

Herbs and herbal supplements

Medication list

More information




Tips for travelling when you have heart failure

Caring for someone with heart failure: Taking care of yourself

Learning to live with heart failure

Advanced heart failure personal action plan