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Activate Enrollment Coordinator

Position: Activate Enrollment Coordinator
Reports to: Hilla Gutman     
Department: Strategy and Evaluations
Location: Toronto, ON       

Position overview:

The Enrollment Coordinator will be responsible for facilitating and overseeing participant’s enrollment into the Activate program. The enrollment coordinator will ensure individuals qualify for the program and complete a standardized process in order to count towards program specific targets and KPIs

Primary responsibilities:
  • Promote the Activate program to build awareness and drive enrollment  towards the program enrollment target
  • Contact individuals to remind them of their upcoming appointment
  • Take participant’s blood pressure readings (using an automated machine) and communicate results and next steps
  • Discuss how the program can support participants’ health goals based on their cardiovascular risk profile.
  • Enroll participants into the program’s digital health platform 
  • Effectively document all relevant events in a timely manner
  • Support the development of tools and resources for promoting and enhancing the program.
Required knowledge, skills and abilities:
  • Bachelor or College Diploma preferred 
  • 2+ years of experience in sales, education, social work, customer service, nursing, public or community health
  • Experience working in fast paced environment, can be self-directed, goal-oriented and able to manage time and priorities with minimal supervision 
  • Proficient in English, communicates with others effectively, listen closely and convey points clearly.
  • Demonstrates excellent customer service skills and the ability to calm individuals who may be distraught
  • Proven ability to maintain strict confidentiality, make right decisions in crisis situations
  • Shows proficiency with computer programs and technology 
  • Committed to the program’s success and diligent about “going the extra mile” as required to achieve this success.
  • Contract length 6-8 weeks starting April 2th  
  • Mandatory training to be conducted at Heart and Stroke head office at Yonge and Eglington April 4 & April 5
  • After training, Enrollment Coordinators to be placed in field at a locations in Mississauga or North York 
    • 4 shifts per week
    • 7 hours per shift 
    • Enrollment Coordinators must be able to complete at least 2 shifts per week 
  • Pay: $14.50 / hour 
  • Individuals must have ability to travel to locations in Mississauga and North York. There will be no re-imbursement for travel expenses or meals 

Please submit your application by March 28, 2018 and include your resume and the dates of the week you are available. 

Anusha Kalaichelvan
Project Coordinator, Heart & Stroke Activate