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Return Specialist - Activate Program (Mississauga and North York)

Provide hands-on support to an innovative healthy aging program.

Activate is a wellness program that is designed to help people kick-start their journey to healthy aging and prevent high blood pressure, the number one risk factor for stroke and a major risk factor for heart disease. The program encourages people over 40 at risk of high blood pressure to move more, eat healthier and stop smoking.

Currently, over 500 individuals are enrolled to the program. The program uses incentives like PC Optimum points, a free 2-month YMCA health and fitness membership, and a personal health coach to help people meet their health goals. During the Return phase (upon completing 6 months in the program), enrolled participants will come back to have their blood pressure measured and the results will be discussed with them. 

Volunteers will be responsible to measure the blood pressure of the participants who completed the 6 month Activate program to see how their blood pressure has changed. Volunteers will have the opportunity to discuss the results & next steps with the participants. 

Some activities associated with this role include

  • Take participant’s blood pressure readings (using an automated machine) and communicate key messages
  • Discuss participants’ program experience and whether their health goals have been met
  • Facilitate completion of a program feedback questionnaire
  • Communicate next steps
  • Promote and encourage new potential participants to sign-up for the next instance of Activate (starting Feb 2019)
  • Volunteers will be required to complete training early August 2018 which will count towards their service hours
  • Volunteer leadership opportunities are available throughout the program


  • Experience in community health promotion programs, community health nursing, social work, personal support worker, and other similar programs is considered an asset
  • Friendly, approachable, and enjoys interacting with people
  • Have strong English communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Comfortable and proficient using computers/tablet
  • Committed to the program’s success and diligent about “going the extra mile” 

Time Commitment:
You are required to do a minimum of 1 shift per week. Each shift is 4 hours long. Available shifts are Weekdays (3-7pm) & Weekends (10am-2pm, 2-6pm).
Timeline: August – Dec 2018

Pharmacies and community spaces in Mississauga and 
North York

Benefits and Competencies developed: 

  • Exposure to innovative program and its impact on individuals enrolled
  • Training in areas such as communication and client care
  • Hands on experience in measuring blood pressure
  • Basic knowledge of cardiovascular disease
  • Understanding the benefits of healthy living
  • Opportunity to educate and support seniors in their journey to make changes towards healthy living
  • Opportunity to be a part of dynamic team
  • Heart & Stroke certificate 

Orientation and training: Two training sessions will be offered at the end of August. Volunteers must attend one session. 

Next Step: please use the link below to apply for this position. Thank you for your interest!